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Hot Red Candle Wax

Beautiful school girls Amari and Chika arrive at school early and get a surprise visit from Beni and Madoka., who firmly tie up Amari and Chika, lead them to their secret lair and begin to wrap their pure bodies in saran wrap. These perverted women throw their innocent victims on the floor and ever so slowly drip hot red candle wax on their covered bodies. Once their sick, twisted urges have been satisfied, Beni and Madoka get up and leave their sweet school girls bound in saran wrap, covered in candle wax and begging for more. This is one Asian bondage movie you dont want to miss.

Sick and Twisted

Beautiful Eho sits handcuffed to the couch, wearing only her pink underwear as she-devil Eari violated her body using an egg. In other part of the house, twisted Mami ties up sweet Nao and ravages her body using a wine bottle. Find out just how sick and twisted Eari and Mami are in this Asian bondage film.

Bondage Vibrator Torment

Sexy babes find themselves in the dungeon playground of a couple a bad girls who want to push the pain thresholds of their pretty little playthings. The innocent babes get teased with ice-play, and then they get their limits tested with double dildo play. Its a four-way lesbian strap-on fuck fest, and our good girls get their pussies slammed by their bad-girl lovers.

Sand and Bondage

Twisted June walks her pure bondage model Kae like a dog with a leash along the sandy beach in this Japanese bondage movie. June, dressed in black leather, pulls at Kaes leash as she drags her through the sand. Perverted June then walks her sweet Kae along the shoreline and revels in watching Kae crawl in the ocean.

Sweet Girl Squirms

Twisted vixens Mari and Orianna tie up innocent Rei and cover her body in water in this sexy Asian bondage film. They force sweet Rei into many perverted compromising positions and enjoy watching her squirm. Rei does what she is told and enjoys the humiliations of being dominated by these two she-devils.

Humiliating Schoolgirls

Twisted Mayu teaches Megumi how to be a dominant woman in this Japanese bondage movie. Mayu gathers 2 innocent schoolgirls and leads them into a giant cage. Perverted Mayu then shows her eager pupil how to make their victims feel humiliated. Twisted Megumi is a very fast learner and copies everything Mayu does. The session is completed in a lesson on shaving, which cause thee innocent schoolgirls to cry and squirm in anticipation of things to come.

Glass of Pee

She-devils China and Beni tie up pure Azume in bandages and violate her body using fruit. They insert a banana inside sweet Azume while forcing her to chew on grapes. These two monsters continue to fulfill their perverted desires by handcuffing innocent Azume to a bed, peeing in a measuring cup and placing it on her pure body. They then use a sex toy on their victim, who knows if she cums, she will be covered in pee. Find out what happens next in this Asian bondage movie.

All Tied Up

Perverted Fukami ties up innocent Erena in this Asian bondage film. Fukami proceeds to have her wicked way with sweet Erena, gagging her to drown out any screams. Erena tries with all of her might to escape, but is forced to endure Fukamis sick and twisted punishment.

Fun With Fruit

Sweet schoolgirls Mori and Nagisa are chloroformed and awaken in their perverted teachers dungeon. Their teacher is training another in the art of domination and these sweet girls are now the victims. Their twisted teacher violates their bodies with fruit and laughs as these two innocent girls squirm. The session commences with lessons in walking your victims like dogs, something Mori and Nagisa are visibility not happy about.

Light Saber Dance

Abi and company get themselves in the mood for their bondage show by dancing in scantily clad outfits while playing with light sabers in this Asian bondage film. The show soon begins as Abi and her she-devils place a leather mask on their first innocent model, douse her in water and hold her down while using toys to get her off. Abi and her fellow fiends then claim their next victim, a sweet schoolgirl. They also douse her in water, hold her down and remove her school uniform. These perverted women insert a sex toy inside their sweet girl and laugh as she screams in both pleasure and pain.

Twisted Fantasy

Three sweet schoolgirls are lead around with collars and rope in this Japanese bondage film. They soon arrive in their classroom and are subjected to their mistresses every fantasy. After being wrecked and ravaged by their mistresses, these three sweet schoolgirls embrace in kiss.

Hot Candle Wax

Sweet Otoe is ready for her next lesson in submission in this Japanese bondage film. Mistress Fuki starts this session by tying Otoe up and squeezing her hard nipples. Mistress Otoe thinks her innocent slave is ready for more hardcore lessons and attaches two nipples clamps to Otoes collar. The perverted mistress then orders pure Otoe to fuck the dildo she has placed on the table.

Squirming and Laughing

She-devils Suzu and Taka tie up their three pure victims in this Asian bondage film. These monsters then take candles and drip hot wax all over their pure girls naked bodies. The innocent girls squirm and cry out in pain, causing twisted Suzu and Taka to laugh with glee. Enjoy the laughs!

Chocolate Temptation

Beautiful Eire awakens from her slumber and is dragged by a leash into a pool of chocolate where perverted Sada ravages her body. Sweet Eire tries to struggle but eventually gives into her captors every twisted desire. Watch what happens when these tow lesbians roll around in chocolate in this Asian bondage film

Milky Surprise

Perverted Chihiro ties up Sweet Beni and covers her naked flesh with ketchup and mustard in this sick Japanese bondage film. Chihiro licks the foods off of pretty Benis skin before slowly covering her body in milk. Chihiro gets great pleasure in licking and sucking the milk off of Beni, and gets even more pleasure in fingering her innocent victim. Chihiro, who is extremely turned on at this point, strips down and continues to excite sweet Beni by using her hands, mouth and a toy.

Dildo Fun

Dildo Fun 02/16/2010 Good girls Gina and Enri are tied to their chairs while perverted Yumi, Makiko and Fuji remove their panties and shave some hair off of their pussies in this twisted Asian bondage film. Then these monsters insert a vibrating dildo into their slaves and make them cry out in glorious pain. In another section of the house, Ado, Anju and Chie tie up their lovely new plaything to the chains hanging from the ceiling and ravish her sweet ass using all their favorite toys.

Collar and Chain

Twisted Risu and Ryu go to great lengths to humiliate beautiful Nara in this Japanese bondage film. These monsters treat sweet Nara like a dog, using a collar and chain to control her every move. Nara tries to fight and eventually succumbs to her captors twisted wishes.

Mopping Up Innocence

Beautiful Tori lies bound and gagged on the bed, while demented Sachi and Suki pee on their sweet little pet. In the next room, innocent Jori and Mina have dirty water placed on their naked bodies with a mop. Their twisted captors hold them down while another rubs vibrating dildo around their erogenous zones. This crazy Asian bondage film ends with Jori and Mina lying satisfied on the bed, their bodies covered in the brown water. © Tjeezers 2003-2010